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Imagination and Play

Imagination and Play

20 July 2020

Imagination breeds change. It brings about new ideas, allows us to manifest things that aren’t currently real, true or possible, and expands our capacity for growth.

We applaud our friends at Harvard for hitting the nail on the head: “We believe imagination — the capacity to create, evolve, and exploit mental models of things or situations that don’t yet exist — is the crucial factor in seizing and creating new opportunities, and finding new paths to growth.”

Ready to imagine? We help get you started in our just-released white-paper.

View the paper here

Clarity in crisis

Dismantling Old Dysfunctional Truths

13 July 2020

At PS London, The Merlin Factor by Charles E. Smith is a touchstone of our business (you can read it in its entirety on our website). This change management bible has long been praised as a jumping off point for new futures. We used it to leap toward FutureThinking - the process we use to think the unthinkable and help our clients connect the dots by living backward in time.

The very first step of FutureThinking comes from dismantling old dysfunctional truths.

Want to dismantle some truths? You can read more in our just-released white-paper.

View the paper here

Clarity in crisis

Clarity in crisis

25 May 2020

In times of uncertainty and crisis, most spend so much time defining the perfect first step that they don’t start moving at all. The laws of physics are clear on this - it’s hard to start moving again once you’ve lost momentum.

Incremental movements toward better are better than idle perfectionism.
Our job is to help people gain clarity so that they can imagine new futures: we encourage our clients to make intentional, simple movements with the future they've imagined guiding all that they do.

Curious? You can read more in our just-released white-paper.

View the paper here

Covid Marketing Brain Just Marketing

Covid Marketing Brain

21 May 2020

Just Marketing have published a really interesting feature on how marketers are having to adapt their thinking to take account of the Covid-19 pandemic. Our MD and Strategy Partner, Robert Pepper, shares some of his thoughts. Click on the link to read the article.

Read the article here

Anxiety UK Compassion Focused Therapy

Kicking off Mental Health Awareness Week for Anxiety UK

17 May 2020

To kick off Mental Health Awareness week, we are excited to share the pro bono work we’ve been doing with Anxiety UK.

The charity asked for help in putting together an online campaign for their newly launched Compassion Focused Therapy. The aim of the campaign is to inform people of the definition of Compassion Focused Therapy and the benefits it can have on mental and physical wellbeing. 

Through illustration, we demonstrate the importance of self-kindness and showing compassion to yourself and others. We aim to communicate the idea that we all have the ability to take control of our wellbeing.

We have also worked with Anxiety UK to maximise the inclusion and diversity we can offer within the campaign. We provided a variety of different ‘characters’ for the campaign, as we believe inclusion, particularly in the world of mental health, should never be overlooked.

We’re very proud to have been able to provide work for a valuable organisation like Anxiety UK during such a difficult time for the charity sector.

Check out Anxiety UK here

Cardiff University Business School Award Winner

Cardiff University Business School Award Winner

4 May 2020

We're delighted to announce that our "I stand for..." campaign for Cardiff University Business School has captured a coveted Hermes Platinum Award! And we're even more delighted to share that the actual award arrived at the house of our client right in the middle of our Zoom call to discuss phase two.... Nice work Royal Mail.....

DMA Awards This is Bradford University of Bradford

This is winning DMA Awards…

17 December 2019

The year ended on a high, with PS London winning two DMA awards for our ‘This is Bradford’ Campaign with our client University of Bradford. We picked up Bronze for B2C category and Silver for Public Sector.

The DMA awards are all about insight - and companies brave enough to be scrutinised are rewarded. The awards honour the creative craft, the clever use of data, the exceptional ROI and the work that pushes our industry forward - making the win in perfect alignment with our little agency.

Design week top 100

pslondon gets better and better

10 December 2019

We’re delighted to have climbed to 52 on the Design Week Top 100 list for 2018/9. Published every year, it’s the definitive ranking celebrating the most successful design businesses in the industry. This year it shows that the sector is growing across all disciplines, which is good news for all. Thanks to all our clients for putting their trust in us and helping us get here. Next year, let’s see if we can break into the Top 50….

Eiffel Tower

That day we went to Paris

2 September 2019

Who thought that after opening our doors in August 2007 we’d make it to this? A decade on, we decided to celebrate by taking the whole team to Paris for the day to enjoy the sun and French way of life. Our day was filled with a champagne breakfast on the Eurostar, a city wide photo competition, an authentic French lunch and plenty of running around. The mission? Give 20 people each a disposable camera and a brief to portray ten years of the agency. Even Paris wasn't ready for what happened. Half the agency nearly didn't make it to the train back…

University of Gloucestershire

University of Gloucestershire gives us top marks

11 March 2019

We’re delighted that the University of Gloucestershire has asked us to help take their brand to the next level. Located in the beautiful towns of Cheltenham and Gloucester, the university has a rich history in offering degrees in subjects ranging from Art & Design, Sports Science through to Business, Liberal Arts, Nursing and more. Creativity is at the heart of the university and we can’t wait to bring a new dose of creativity and energy to their brand. It’s going to be unstoppable…

Ping pong

Learn, build and bounce!

12 December 2018

Whilst our away days are a great opportunity for us to get together, think about how we work, build better relationships and have some fun, they are also a great excuse to partake in London’s newest extracurricular trend! Table tennis – or Ping Pong – has taken over. with a few sites across London, Bounce is crammed full of loads of table tennis tables, with helpful staff to add an edge of competition to proceedings. Time flew – as did the table tennis balls – and some even went in the direction intended.

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