psLondon Whitepaper | Aligning your university’s values to postgraduate prospects’

Aligning your university’s values to postgraduate prospects’

As a marketeer focusing on postgraduate student recruitment, it is important to not only speak their language, but to also understand their needs. In order to truly understand the wants and needs of postgraduate prospects, we ran a custom qualitative and quantitative survey of prospective and current PGT and PGR students to investigate what they look for in a university, beyond the usual ‘course, ranking and location’ answers. To understand their values and how they align to their university of choice.

Until your search is over, finding Wally (or Waldo for our North American friends) isn’t as easy as you initially thought it would be. Despite knowing what (or in this case who) you are looking for, it takes a while to find Wally in a pool full of other characters, and it’s the same for universities.

Although universities' offers differ from each other, according to our findings postgraduate students think the messaging and creative feel identical. Therefore, we have centred our whitepaper to help you discover:

  • How you can reach beyond the horizons of the Course, Employability & Flexibility factor.
  • What postgraduates are interested in compared to undergraduates.
  • What the catalyst is for postgraduates choosing your university above others.
  • And more specifically, how you can identify areas of postgraduate differentiation using human values.

In our latest White Paper, our Head of Insight and Strategy Kendra Rogers explores differentiation using human values to help postgraduate focused marketers transform their

‘Where’s Wally’ problem into a ‘There’s Wally’ solution, enabling universities to stand out from the higher education crowd.

Ready to target your prospective students and effectively market to postgraduates? Click ‘Download PDF’ to get access to the Whitepaper.

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