psLondon blog | Can Instagram broadcast channels support your marketing strategy?

Can Instagram broadcast channels support your marketing strategy?

28 September 2023

Shade ThompsonSocial & Content Marketing Manager

Instagram broadcast channels is LIVE in the UK! Now that we have your attention, we decided to put our thoughts on air about what this could mean for brands and their marketing success.

In the ever-evolving world of social media, Instagram has once again added another update to the mix (every marketer’s dream or nightmare, depending on how you look at it).

Today we’re expanding Instagram broadcast channels globally, giving millions of creators a new way to directly engage with their followers at scale in real-time.Instagram

Similar to the WhatsApp broadcast feature, the Instagram broadcast channel enables creator accounts to send messages to their followers in a‘one-to-many’ format. Followers can choose to join their channel and engage with the broadcast messages via polls and reactions.

What does this mean for my brand’s marketing strategy?...

On the surface level, this feature could help drive traffic or conversion, increase engagement, and brand loyalty overall… help you connect with your current and potential audiences. If we were to look deeper, we would find intricate ways of strengthening that connection and as we are a values-based agency at psLondon, we thought it would be great to take a deeper look into the type of insights you could uncover through creative and strategy.

Leveraging Instagram Broadcast for Audience Engagement and Insights

Putting your audience at the centre of your marketing activities is key and the Instagram broadcast channels feature might just unlock a better understanding of your audiences’ appetite.

The ability to publish a poll is a great example of that, enabling your audiences to choose out of a few options will give you an insight of what they gravitate towards the most.This approach could work in various sectors including Higher Education, where universities could ask campus-based students what their favourite part of the campus is? Then use that insight as part of the recruitment campaign asset.

Another informal form of acquiring audience insight is through the reaction tool within the feature. Whether it is a voice note or message you post in the broadcast channel, your audience can react to it. From the fire emoji to the laughing face and everything in between, you will not only have the opportunity to see the engagement but also, get a feel for what your audience likes and dislikes, drawing you closer to them to their thoughts instantaneously.

Creating Value for Your VIP Audience: Traffic and Acquisition Strategies

Traffic and acquisition are potential benefits of this feature as you can harness the power of driving your audience to a destination. Thinking about announcing a launch or want people to check out your livestream? You could inform your broadcast audience and send a link or instructions to where they’d need to be. See them as your VIP list as they’ve chosen to join the channel in the first place, and they want value.

But it isn’t just about the customer it’s about your brand too...

Brand-Centric Benefits of Instagram Broadcast Channels

Taking a brand-centric approach, you could also benefit from this feature in a way that highlights your brand essence.

In addition to broadcasting events, and product or service launches that, highlighting your valuable resources could be the way to go. Got a new whitepaper you want your followers to see, a mini report you’re about to release, or even a brand refresh in collaboration with psLondon you want to shout about, you can let your audience know. This enables you to keep your community in the loop, continue the VIP / A-lister treatment and have them feel special.

Company culture is another important factor to embrace using the Instagram broadcast channels feature. Showing exclusive content, you usually wouldn’t post in your feed from behind-the-scenes pictures and videos to voice notes could do the trick. This would also be a great opportunity for brand ambassador takeover campaigns. For example, a broadcast takeover day for a charity brand to show how donations have impacted the lives of others.*

*Over 40% of supporters are more likely to donate to charities that directly impactsindividuals lives. How unexpected consumer insights can help charities combat crisis, Whitepaper, 2023

As we know, people buy from people and the more human you are the better (especially if you want your B2B marketing to get in touch with its human side).

Work with your audience to work for them…

Empowering your community to have a say in your brand could really amplify your brand’s success. Getting insight into their thoughts is one thing, but getting insights into what they think about your brand brings added value. Consider sharing aspects of your internal journey with the results defined by your audience. For example, if you’re a fintech/banking company looking to launch a new card design and have narrowed it down to two options internally, consider letting your audience have the final say in the broadcast channel before going live. This enables your audience to be a part of your brand journey and channels an element of togetherness, ownership, belief and feeling – all of which are great factors when strengthening your brand’s connection to your audience.

In conclusion

The Instagram broadcast channels could support your marketing strategies which in turn, supports your brand, but do you know where you want your brand to be in the future?...

Whether you’d like our bespoke FutureThinking workshop or you want us to help get your brand ready for your first Instagram broadcast message and other social channels Get in touch with us, we’re happy to help.



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