pslondon | In conversation with Holly Bell, Creative

Holly Bell, Creative

29 January 2023

Kendra RogersHead of Insight & Strategy 375 6465

In our latest conversation, I caught up with Holly who is a Creative here at psLondon. Holly is known for her undeniable love for Christmas, optimism and creative flair so I wanted to dig a bit deeper into her interests and creativity.

"After previously working in publishing, I wanted to be involved in something broader, which brought me to ps."

HB: As a Creative at ps, I work with the creative team on brands and campaigns for all our clients. I’ve just always enjoyed working on creative projects.

After previously working in publishing, I wanted to be involved in something broader, which brought me to ps. Here we work on exciting campaigns and brands, and I love that we get to start at the beginning stages (something I’ve always wanted to try).

It enables me to get behind the projects more and and work extensively through the process from start to finish.

I was curious to hear more about how Holly felt working on projects and how they differ from one another, especially with the varied target audiences...

HB: Some of the recent branding projects I've worked on were for Solent University and Mayfield (retirement village). They both had different audiences that required different creative outputs. They were challenging, but it would be boring if you had to create the same things constantly — it's good to flex your muscles differently.

I found this was a beautiful way to look at it and great that Holly inputs her creativity for brands targeted at Gen Z right through to those entering retirement homes. Looking into her personal interests and joyous personality, I wanted to know more about her love for Christmas.

HB: Well, my name is Holly and my second name is Bell, so it'd be rude of me not to like Christmas. It's always been a big part of my family (there are18 of us to be specific). We enjoy playing board games like Balderdash, Scattergories and I just love spending time with everyone.

“We have a lot of Christmas traditions, one of which is watching Christmas films on specific days leading up until Christmas.”

HB: Although creativity has always been a part of my life, and I studied art at GCSE, not many people know that I initially wanted to become a teacher. I studied childcare at college and became a trained nanny, and teaching assistant. At the time, I realised that I wasn’t ready to be a teacher, so I changed my course and studied graphic design at university instead.

This was truly surprising but, I could see Holly becoming a great teacher also! It made me wonder if any learnings from teaching helped her in her graphic design career.

HB: I would say just listening, and taking everything in. With children, you need to be observant and it’s a skill I’ve practiced more from working with children at reception which I think helped.

It’s part of my natural ability and I’ve taken the time to absorb skills from qualified people in that field, including working on checklists and overall having that awareness which is handy.

Such a transferable skill to have. Especially as adults and children often show signs of more similarities than we think. So bringing it all together, I wanted to know how she keeps up with her creative inspiration.

HB: Just experiences! One of my favourite sources of inspiration is the people I get to work with. I've learnt so much from my colleagues and they truly inspire me. My other forms of inspiration come from a lot of websites, emails, and newsletters that I am signed up to.

And speaking of inspiration, I was curious to know who Holly’s ideal ps client would be...

HB: Although I couldn’t get Glastonbury tickets on my last try, I would have to say Glastonbury would be amazing to work with. I just love the mix of everything they provide and the fact that they bring a community together.

I listened to a talk with panellists showcasing a newspaper concept they created for each day for Glastonbury, and I thought that was amazing. I would love to curate their content, from putting the branding together to selecting creative for the website. I'd love to do it all!

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