psLondon in conversation with Lauren Adamson, Client Director

Lauren Adamson, Client Director

17 October 2023

Shade ThompsonSocial & Content Marketing Manager

Lauren is a bold perfectionist with a passion for excellence, be it as a Client Director, football fan or a trainer enthusiast.

From kick-offs to kicks, we sat down with Lauren to get to know a little more about her, starting with her path to the advertising industry…

I've worked in every size agency you can imagine, even client side – I’ve done it all. Then circled back to where I started… a smaller independent agency.

Lauren: I am a Client Director at psLondon, working on a range of different accounts from higher education to construction, and finance.

I’ve worked in many agencies from small, independent ones, to bigger network agencies. After working in a small agency in Hertfordshire some years ago, I made the decision to move to London where I developed my digital skills, then worked in a global agency, before going freelance.

My experience didn’t stop there. After a few years, I went through the client-side route at the London Business School, back to a larger agency, before circling back to where I started - a small, independent agency.

Lauren is great at what she does at psLondon and it made me wonder if this was a career she’s always wanted and what led her into the world of Agencies.

Lauren: Working in agencies wasn’t always part of the plan. When I was a school, I really enjoyed art and business studies, they were the key things I loved. When it came to choosing one path, I was drawn to art more but as this was nearly 20 years ago, my Dad encouraged me to follow the business route as it was quite broad, widening my opportunities.

Whilst studying business in college, I enjoyed the marketing courses the most – probably because it was the most creative-side to business, so it ticked off my love for art and I went on to study Marketing as my degree.

“I picked a joint honours degree just to mix it up a bit and studied marketing with tourism and fell into advertising shortly after. It felt like it was meant to happen.”

After university, my sole focus was to get a job and as much as I didn’t know where I wanted to go, I fell into advertising which felt like it was meant to happen. I went for an interview at an agency and by chance, they had just won the account of the company I worked at during my placement year – purely coincidental – talk about a full circle moment! That’s how the journey really kicked-off.

I loved the whole art process growing up, everything from portfolio themes, to testing and sketches, paintings and chalk pieces - you name it. I still have some of my big portfolios of the art I created at school. I don’t do much art now as my job is so fast paced but who knows, maybe in the future…

Lauren’s journey sounded very interesting and it was great to hear about her love for art. I was curious to know if she’d change her path given the chance…

Lauren: I believe that my life is the way it is now due to the path that I’ve taken. I wouldn’t change a thing because it's meant to be this way. I do think if I was making the decision today, it could be different. I look at my brother as a great example. He studied contemporary dance at university and thought about where it could lead him to. He now works in philanthropy for the Royal Opera House and gone into marketing in the world of performing arts.

This shows that even if I were to have gone through the art route, I may not have necessarily done anything art related and could have still ended up in marketing. My brother’s career path highlights that creative subjects can open multiple doors within the industry.

“In the last few years, the art scene has grown and there are more opportunities out there in comparison to previous years.”

Although studying business opens many doors, it isn’t to say that art doesn’t have the same power. We’ve seen the art scene grow a lot in the last few years, creating more opportunities for people. To add to that, when you look at agencies, there are so many creative roles within departments from designers, creative directors and everything in between.

Having had experiences in both big and small agencies, it was great to get her perspectives on the differences that stuck out to her the most to...

Lauren: Bigger agencies (beyond having bigger buildings and other amenities!) I would say you are more set within your role, as opposed to smaller agencies.

Smaller agencies are more versatile as there are less people, so there’s more opportunity to be hands on projects and do different things, especially as workload increases.

“Smaller agencies are more versatile when it comes to roles, and I like being more hands-on and being involved in the project from ideation to execution.”

Having worked with Lauren, I’ve noticed that she has a great attention to detail and she’s a perfectionist (which is why she’ll be scanning this conversation before going live!). I had to find out if this was in her nature…

Lauren: Yes! My Mum used to say that as a child, I used to come home from school and do my homework straight away and was also put forward to do my year 9 SATs 3 years early because I smashed my year 6 tests (totally failed them by the way!). When I go out to restaurants now, I love to proofread menus and it makes my day if I find an error – so I am a bit of a perfectionist (...and a bit of a loser apparently...).

I am aware that this approach is great but also can hinder you, so as I’ve progressed to Account Director levelI’ve learnt to let go a little bit. Obviously, you have to trust the rest of your team to start rolling the work out. This experience has also really made me appreciate teaching as I love to help people grow and encourage them through it all.

“You want to make the client’s lives easier, so being a perfectionist will minimise mistakes. However, perfectionism could hinder the creative process and you could miss things, so it’s always good to have a balance.”

Far from a loser if you ask me, I find her perfectionism and attention to detail admirable, and of course, balance is key. We then spoke a bit more about her role and what she loved about it the most…

Lauren: In addition to being a support to others, I can definitely say the creative side, from the creative itself to WIPs! I miss print, so it’s great to work on some print-based projects at psLondon because there's nothing like seeing something tangible out there that you've done and worked on.

Makes sense given her love for art! Speaking of another passion, Lauren is known to be a huge football fan in the office. As a fellow lover of sports including football, I was eager to find out how her love for football began.

“My love for football kicked-off when I was around 8-years old. watching the England game for the first and the rest was history.”

Lauren: My Dad influenced my love for football. I grew up in a household of Spurs fans thanks to him and my Grandad, and my brother showed no interest in football therefore my Dad took me instead.

From kick-offs to kicks, Lauren’s one of our top goal scorers when it comes to having the best and neatest trainers at the office (tied with our Creative Director Speighty!). With such great taste in trainers I can safely say she’s trainer-obsessed…

Lauren: I like to call it a healthy-obsession – not a Joe Goldberg one (if you know you know). I tend to get the same trainers in multiple colours and stick to one brand… I’m a Nike girl. My go-tos are usually Jordans, Huaraches, and Dunks. I’ve always been a tomboy and although that’s slightly changed growing up, the trainers have always stuck because I'm all about the comfort.

“I am particular about my trainers from a maintenance point of view. I have trainers that are 10 years old but look brand new. It’s a healthy obsession.”

And finally, although we could all guess by now, I asked who her ideal client would be for psLondon…

Lauren: Nike, obviously! They’re the only trainer brand I go for. Another brand would be any Football club (Tottenham being top of the list)… but maybe not Arsenal. Probably worth not mentioning that to our Arsenal-supporting MD then....

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