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Kicking off Mental Health Awareness Week for Anxiety UK

17 May 2020

Kendra RogersHead of Insight & Strategy 375 6465

To kick off Mental Health Awareness week, we are excited to share the pro bono work we’ve been doing with Anxiety UK.

The charity asked for help in putting together an online campaign for their newly launched Compassion Focused Therapy. The aim of the campaign is to inform people of the definition of Compassion Focused Therapy and the benefits it can have on mental and physical wellbeing. 

Through illustration, we demonstrate the importance of self-kindness and showing compassion to yourself and others. We aim to communicate the idea that we all have the ability to take control of our wellbeing.

We have also worked with Anxiety UK to maximise the inclusion and diversity we can offer within the campaign. We provided a variety of different ‘characters’ for the campaign, as we believe inclusion, particularly in the world of mental health, should never be overlooked.

We’re very proud to have been able to provide work for a valuable organisation like Anxiety UK during such a difficult time for the charity sector.

Check out Anxiety UK here

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