Money, mind and mental health

Money, Mind and Mental Health

13 May 2022

Zana YassinMarketing & Communications Manager

With the recent cost of living increase and the rising price of fuel and food putting additional pressure on household budgets, we are reminded of the ever-important work that Mind do to dismantle taboos around both mental health and financial difficulties.

Our initial research taught us that 1 in 4 people living with a mental health problem experience debt. Nearly a year on and we’re seeing reports that 1 in 5 people are experiencing stress, anxiety or depression as a direct result of their financial problems - a demonstration of how money and mental health problems are intrinsically linked. This also teaches us that these issues need to be viewed holistically and that Mind’s message now speaks to a huge portion of the population.

Money problems affect all sorts of people - from those who are unable to work because of disability/illness, to high-earners who are facing debts and the pressures of a lifestyle that consumes most of their wealth. And we believe everyone has a part to play to ensure that nobody feels isolated or alone with their problems.

When the underlying cause of depression is debt, a loud silence follows… Like most things though, a conversation is a startCharlotte Moore (May 2021), 'Why is no one talking about the vicious cycle of depression and debt?'

Mind’s campaign work teaches us that we need to show compassion and listen so, together, we want to combat the shame and embarrassment that society and individuals can feel when talking about money, by opening up the conversation. We believe everyone has a part to play in helping to ensure that nobody feels isolated or alone with their problems.

If you think your finances could be affecting your mental health, then we encourage you to speak to Mind and visit their website to discover the services and support that they offer.

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