pslondon | In conversation with Shade Thompson, Social and Content Marketing Manager

Shade Thompson, Marketing Manager

21 July 2023

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Shade Thompson is known for her vibrant personality and style along with her ability to empower others. Oftentimes behind the scenes at psLondon, I sat down with Shade to find out a little bit more about her role and how she does it…

ST: I am the Social and Content Marketing Manager at psLondon, helping bring ideas to life for the agency.

I built my career in both content and social media over the years and worked across different industries, but I wanted to be in a more creative environment and psLondon was exactly what I was looking for. It’s exciting being surrounded by creative and strategic thinkers who understand the value of marketing and create an empowering space of encouragement and inspiration.

“Growing up I’ve always been drawn to marketing, media, fashion and design. I wanted to be a TV presenter, or work for a magazine, and I am creative so when I got into marketing, it all made sense.”

I was intrigued and wanted to find out what other industries Shade has worked for as a marketer over the years.

ST: My first experience in marketing was when I worked for a recruitment brand in a memberships company. I kept making marketing, communication and creative-based suggestions and soon after realised that I liked marketing.

I then went on to work in fashion recruitment; marketing for an agency that recruited staff for the Inditex Group (Zara, Bershka, Oysho to name a few). Then I worked for a football charity which was completely different, followed by an events company before coming to ps.

Shade is known to be a fashionista at the ps office. With her natural flair for fashion, I was keen to know how her love for fashion began, and who inspired her…

ST: I’d say my Mum has influenced my passion for fashion – she’s very colourful, vibrant and inspiring. For me, I am a lover of colour and themes; I like the idea of being a canvas and having the ability to choose to embody an era or a look. Whether it is an 80s theme or an earlier time, or a theme is based around an object or something deeper, I find it exciting and fun to explore.

Shade’s influence from her mum and her personal style had me thinking about how expressive she was when she was younger and if she’d been styling from a young age.

ST: Expression through clothes has always been one of the aspects of my upbringing. At first, my mum dressed me but once I could,I found my own personal style and evolved. I only liked a more relaxed look - baggy T-shirts, jeans and joggers, but what’s interesting now is that I wear things that I wouldn’t have when I was younger. I enjoy having different looks depending on the mood, and occasion.

“When you have the opportunity to try things, you open the doors to new possibilities.”

I wondered if the aspect of exploring different facets was part of her personality.

ST: Exploring is a part of who I am, and I express that through my career, travel, music, and other interests, just like I do in fashion. I believe it’s good to try things and make a habit of being open rather than wishing you explored more and asking, “what if”. When you have the opportunity to try things, you open the doors to new possibilities and learn whether or not that thing was for you.

I couldn’t agree more about the journey and art of discovery. I then asked about her photography, how that began and her memorable moments.

“I just enjoyed taking photos of people and seeing how empowered they felt afterwards.”

ST: Just as marketing was a happy discovery, the start of my photography journey is very similar. I studied photography for my A-Levels just before going to university to study Printed Textiles Design and photography then was just a hobby for me. Ten years later, after being asked to take photos at my friend’s wedding through my perspective (which I was very nervous about), I realised that I could take it a step further and see where that path would take me, so I invested in a new camera.

From setting up virtual photoshoots during the pandemic to special occasions, exhibitions and magazine features, I’ve appreciated every moment that came as a result of giving things a try.

Although I’ve had many, a couple of my favourite moments were seeing my photography on a billboard and knowing it was being shown all across the UK, and more recently having my first exhibition in London, at FujiFilm House of Photography.

“If you say yes to yourself, you say yes to opportunities, amazing experiences and learnings you didn’t expect or better yet, didn’t know could happen."

I loved hearing about her journey because there are so many people who could relate and it’s a really strong message to share. I wanted her to elaborate and talk about her approach to limitless possibilities…

ST: A lot of people deal with confidence and self-esteem challenges, and one thing I find is that we don’t always know until a later time that we actually do have the ability to overcome challenges and better yet, thrive from them. Often people don’t always realise until someone else has pointed out their abilities, talents and strengths – which is why it’s important to try even when they seem scary.

I use the same approach in marketing and photography to help connect people with themselves and each other – recognising their abilities and being empowered as a result inspires others to do the same.

Very well put. I was curious to know if Shade had a hidden talent or unexpected fact about her…

“I'm quite creative so I’ll always have my hand in a creative pocket.”

ST: I love to dance, I started with contemporary dancing and over the years moved onto street, hip hop and have tried salsa. I am very a big fan of playing sports, I used to play basketball at university years ago, and now I am somewhat of an occasional long-distance runner. 

I’m also slightly multilingual, I am Nigerian, so I speak/understand Yoruba, and I was born in Vienna, Austria and grew up there for a little while so I can speak German too (a little less than before but it’s still in there).

And finally, I wanted to know, if psLondon could work with any client, which one would she choose and why...

ST: London Fashion Week would be one client I’d love to work with. I think our teams at psLondon and Studio Hansa would produce incredible creative strategies and assets for them. As I love fashion, creativity, themes and photography, it fuses all in one and it would be amazing!

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