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Ten Fintech Events to attend in 2024

12 January 2024

Shade ThompsonSocial & Content Marketing Manager

It's more than evident that having a strong brand and investing in your brand is just as pertinent as investing in any other part of your business... especially in the Fintech sector.

Picture this, when your brand is being mentioned in rooms you aren't even in, what is said is an accurate and positive representation of your brand - and that is the sweet spot!

Walking around trade events is a great way of seeing how different businesses tell their story and reminds us all how important it is to build a brand with clarity, precision and uniqueness.

As we are spending more and more time working with fintech clients, and with venture capital firms investing in the UK market [i],we thought it would be useful to put together a list of some of the key fintech and financial services events over the next year in London and beyond.

We’ll be checking out which brands are getting it right and which could use some help!

Payments Regulation and Innovation Summit 2024

Returning with heightened anticipation, the Payments Regulation and Innovation Summit 2024 promises to be the quintessential gathering for trailblazers in the fintech space.

In its third consecutive year, this summit serves as the link where financial leaders and technology innovators converge. With a focus on deciphering complex regulatory frameworks and harnessing the power of technological advancements, the Payments Regulation and Innovation Summit is set to be the centre for ground-breaking insights.

Last held: 25th January 2024, UK

Pay360 Event 2024

Pay360 Event 2024 invites key players, disruptors, and payment aficionados in a dynamic exchange of ideas and insights set to shape the future of the payments landscape.

Explore diverse facets of the payment ecosystem from cutting-edge technologies to regulatory trends, through engaging discussions and immersive exhibits. With an array of networking opportunities and the latest advancements on display, Pay360 Event 2024 promises an invaluable experience for anyone keen on staying at the forefront of the evolving world of payments.

ps… We’ll be there! Be sure to visit our stand.

Save the date: 19th – 20th March 2024, London, UK

Fintech B2B Marketing Conference

Returning for its third year, the UK Fintech B2B Marketing Conference is set to redefine fintech marketing in 2024 and beyond.Tailored for 500+ senior leaders in financial services and technology, this conference serves as a hub for unravelling complexities in the B2B marketing terrain.

Explore innovative content marketing, automation strategies, and cultivate a culture of fintech excellence. The intimate setting fosters collaborative dialogues, complemented by supporting events like roundtable discussions and strategic meet-ups.

Fintech marketers, this might be one for you!

Save the date: 23rd April 2023, London, UK


Money 20/20 Europe

Money 20/20 Europe 2024 is renowned as one of the pinnacle events in fintech innovation.

This flagship conference seamlessly unites fintech communities, from industry titans to nimble start-ups, sparking discussions that shape the trajectory of the ever-evolving money ecosystem.

With a history of hosting over 7500 attendees, 2300+ companies, 350+ speakers, and 380+ sponsors in 2022, Money 20/20 Europe is a global convergence with immersive experiences delving into consumer trends, digital currencies, alternative payment methods, and security across a comprehensive agenda.

Save the date: 4th – 6th June 2024, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Fintech Week London

Fintech Week London brings together 1000+ senior decision makers from leading fintechs, banks, investment firms, regulatory bodies, media companies and service providers. 

Hosting a series of events including a flagship conference on Thursday 13th June, this event is set to explore the financial technology landscape to better understand the global themes of fintech.

Save the date: 10th – 14th June 2024, London, UK

Innovate Finance Global Summit 2024

Celebrating its 10th year, this event unites global fintech delegates to discuss current sector challenges and uncover new approaches.

The Innovate Finance Global Summit unites a diverse assembly of 700+ global fintech visionaries. Combining cutting-edge technology and financial ingenuity, this event serves as a melting pot for discussions on the latest trends, regulatory landscapes, and transformative breakthroughs shaping the fintech landscape in 2024.

Save the date: 17th – 19th June 2024, London, UK

Seamless Europe

Seamless Europe brings together leading voices in fintech to spark valuable conversations, ignite innovation and nurture new ideas.

Self-proclaimed as 'the future of retail’, eCommerce, payments and fintech across Europe, this event fuses together 5500+ attendees, 400+ speakers, and 350+ exhibitors across 2 days.

Supported by innovators, disrupters, business leaders and entrepreneurs worldwide, the key themes of this event are payments, e-commerce, fintech, retail, banking, and home delivery.

Save the date: 10th – 11th September 2024, Munich, Germany

Fintech Talents Festival 

As a catalyst for innovation, this festival draws together fintech enthusiasts, industry leaders, and burgeoning startups, creating a dynamic hub for discussions that will shape the future of financial technology.

Having carved a niche in the fintech landscape, the festival is not just an event; it's a celebration of ideas, insights, and collaboration. With a diverse range of participants and over 100 companies converging, the Fintech Talents Festival promises an immersive experience.

Save the date: 11th – 12th November 2024, London, UK

Fintech Connect

Returning for the 11th year is Fintech Connect – welcoming global thought-leaders across the fintech ecosystem.

Bringing together over 3000 attendees, this event showcases cutting-edge innovation through its four main verticals; Digital Innovation & Gen AI, Payments, Digital Assets and Digital Identity. This conference will consist of industry insight through interactive sessions, panel discussions, and networking opportunities.

Save the date: 4th – 5th December 2024, London, UK

Paris Fintech forum Leaders Summit

Paris Fintech Forum Leaders Summit offers a unique platform designed to redefine the financial landscape, spotlighting ground-breaking technologies and fostering dynamic discussions.

Inviting over 500 attendees to Paris, this event will also offer interactive fintech masterclasses dedicated to sharing further knowledge about the industry, by over 100 industry leaders.

Last held: 30th – 31st May 2023, Paris, France

Want to create memorable experiences through your brand?

[i] CEO of Sagard’s venture capital arm says UK fintech market is ‘competitive’  

[ii] Payments Regulation and Innovation Summit

[iii] Pay360 Event

[iv] Fintech B2B Marketing Conference

[v] Money 20/20 Europe

[vi] Fintech Week London

[vii] Innovate Finance

[viii] Seamless Europe

[xi] Fintech Talents Festival

[x] Fintech Connect London

[ix] Paris Fintech Forum

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