UK Content Awards Finalist

psLondon Shortlisted for a Quintet of Awards

23 June 2022

Zana YassinMarketing & Communications Manager

As potential winners of five different categories, psLondon are eagerly awaiting the results of this year's UK Content Awards, which will be announced on the 7th of July 2022.

Picking your favourite campaign at psLondon is a bit like picking your favourite child but, after careful consideration, we chose to highlight the excellent work our clients do to support UK communities across two of our primary sectors - Charity and Fintech.

RNID – Royal National Institute for Deaf People

Finalists for 3 awards: Not for Profit / Charity Content Campaign of the Year, Health Content Campaign of the Year and Content Strategy of the Year

In 2021, psLondon helped RNID to open up the conversation and promote their hearing check tool in an accessible way. The concept humorously illustrated commonly misheard phrases, demonstrating the need for people to check your hearing. Using big, bold, playful messaging and imagery, we provided a tongue-in-cheek way to highlight a common, often debilitating impairment if left untreated. A staggering 50,000 hearing checks have been completed since. That’s thousands of people who could otherwise have remained unaware of their changing relationship with sound, as well as thousands of family members who may benefit from being able to have clearer conversations with their mum, sister, brother, daughter or best friend, all thanks to RNID.
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Bottomline Technologies – Spot the Fraud

Finalists for 2 awards: Finance Content Campaign of the Year and B2B Content Campaign of the Year

We set out to help Bottomline make fraud solutions a business imperative by delivering an impactful campaign that communicated the need for Bottomline Technologies' fraud protection software. Rooted in the epic battles between predator and prey in the animal kingdom, our creative content dramatises the hidden danger posed by fraud, as well as Bottomline’s ability to help monitor and protect businesses. Striking images of predators hidden in plain sight represented the true risk of fraud and the insidious nature of financial crime perpetrators, and we were really keen to share the creative content of this campaign with the world.

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Everyone’s a winner…

We’re pretty delighted to be selected as finalists for five different categories and the recognition that comes with it is a great way for us to showcase and celebrate the hard work our strategy and creative teams put into the content of each project. However, winning an award would help us to raise further awareness of the important work RNID are doing to improve the lives of people with poor hearing, and would protect even more businesses from being victims of financial crime, with the help of Bottomline’s products.

Just imagine what we could achieve by winning all five…


Since publishing this news post, the above campaigns were also shortlised for the following categories of the UK Social Media Awards:

  • RNID – Royal National Institute for Deaf People
    Best Charity / Not for Profit Campaign
    - Best Use of Social Media for Direct Response
  • Bottomline Technologies – Spot the Fraud
    Best Use of LinkedIn
    Best Use of Social Media for Finance

ps. We considered changing the blog post's title upon receiving news of the additional awards, but 'nonet' didn't have quite the same ring to it as 'quintet'...

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