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Your brand’s new year’s resolutions

8 January 2023

Shade ThompsonSocial & Content Marketing Manager

Of all the temporal landmarks (significant points in time that promote a break from the past and a sense of renewal moving forward) throughout the year, the New Year brings with it the most hope and anticipation for the year ahead. And, whilst many have become fatigued with the ‘New Year, New Me’ concept personally, why not apply the same thought process to your business planning for the calendar year ahead instead?

As it is most likely the first time you’ve sat down to write new year’s resolutions for your brand, don’t worry if you’re a little stumped. If you read on, you’ll find we’ve put together some thoughts that might just spark some inspiration…

  1. Cut through the noise using mischief and humour

    Humour can be a seriously effective strategy. Where appropriate, consider adding humour in the most unexpected places to create a powerful campaign. This was an approach that we utilised to develop a campaign for hearing loss charity RNID– a campaign that won three awards at the DMA Awards, UK Social Media Awards and UK Content Awards last year. Add some humour, or perhaps other forms of mischievous marketing to your 2023 strategy.

  2. Be more inclusive in all of your brand communications

    ‘Putting yourselves in others’ shoes' is no longer enough when it comes to ensuring inclusivity in communications. To be inclusive is to be audience-focused and identify their values beyond socio-demographic markers by speaking to the audiences you seek to engage with. In order to understand your customers, you need to recognise intersectionality. By understanding the interconnectivity of social categorisations such as race, class, gender and sexuality, you can begin to put together a true picture of your audience, who they are and what they experience. This will help you create brand communications that truly resonate with your audiences.

    Take a look at some of the other factors to consider when putting inclusion at the heart of your brand communications.

  3. Use data to back your argument on marketing spend

    Whenever an economy starts to look rocky, businesses often home in on marketing budgets as a quick win to affect the bottom-line. However, stopping, pausing or scaling back your marketing and advertising could actually be detrimental and lead to a downward sales trajectory. Looking ahead to your 2023 commercial objectives, consider keeping the engine at full power — or better yet, rev it up for a firmer hold on greater opportunities and to get ahead of your competitors. Whether you want to see some examples of the declining impact of pausing your advertising budgets or you’d like to find ways to navigate the current challenges, we can show you how to transform your economic turbulence into a success.

  4. Learn from the next generation

    Ever considered momentarily trading places with the younger generation to get a fresh take on what you’re doing? Whether a youth audience is your key market or not, inspiring the next generation should be on your resolutions list. Bridging the gap between generations not only transfers knowledge from adults to youths, it also brings insight and opportunity from youths to the world in a positive light. This level of empowerment is what we championed last year during psLondon’s presentation to students for the IPAAdvertising Unlocked initiative. From seeing how they reacted to the careers available to them, to watching them answer creative briefs in unexpected ways, inspiring the next generation helped us to exchange insights and inspiration. Maybe it could do the same for you and your brand too.

  5. Look to the future, but respect the past

    At psLondon, we are all about future thinking. But whilst we keep our sights firmly focused on the future, we understand the power of experience and looking to the past too. In the 15th year of our business, we recently spent some time reflecting on how far we have come, not just as an industry, but as a society, since we were founded in 2007.

So, why not take some time to reflect on how far your brand, your sector and your audiences have come over the past few years. From the advent of social media as a channel, to the takeover of TikTok as a search engine, there’s quite a lot of change to learn from.

And don’t be afraid to dig deeper into your findings. Be curious and ask ‘so what?’. Whilst you’re on your journey through time, make sure to think critically about how your world has changed, and create an action plan to ensure you’re able to implement those learnings into your strategy for 2023.

Now, get thinking, get researching and get those resolutions down on paper…

Keep committed to them. Keep referring back to them. To make a lasting and effective impact in your business, the work needs to be consistent and active. Keep the engine running (strategically) and watch your brand transform in 2023 and beyond.

And, if reviewing your brand or marketing strategy to the next level is high on your New Years’ resolution list, get in touch. We can help you solve your business problems, after all, it’s what we stand for…

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