Putting inclusion at the heart of your brand communications

Putting inclusion at the heart of your brand communications

24 February 2021Download PDF

Alex Causton-RonaldsonHead of Education & NFP

alex@pslondon.co.uk07467 740140

At psLondon, we have always been audience focused – always putting ourselves in the shoes of our clients’ customers. We’ve always understood that putting yourselves in the mindsets of others is fundamental to marketing. We’ve worked with a number of organisations to truly identify the nuances of their audiences beyond socio-demographic markers, such as the University of Bradford. We know that just ‘putting yourselves in others’ shoes is no longer enough.

We know a more considered and proactive approach to inclusion within branding and creativity is required, which is why we’ve created this whitepaper – to support our network to ensure that their communications are inclusive of all of their audiences, be that current customers or new, and reflective of the society in which they exist.

At psLondon, we truly believe that allyship from is the only way in which we will see progress for all – which is why we've authored this report.

In this report you will find:

  • What brand inclusion is
  • Unconscious bias and its effect on creativity
  • What intersectionality is
  • Ten top tips for developing inclusive brand communications

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