University of Gloucestershire
Creating a brand world with real momentum

The Problem
The University of Gloucestershire wanted their brand and all student recruitment communications to properly champion the transformational and supportive power of the university. Research helped to clarify just how important this emphasis is to their target market.
The Solution
We focused on the idea that the real heart of the brand was the university's dedication to treating every member of their community as an individual. The individual became the brand hero, and is represented by the chevron in their brand language. The relationship works through co-created value, where the individual shapes the university and vice-versa, visualised through the supporting grid structure.

Powerful. Fluid. Ever-evolving. Energetic. We have developed a bold, impactful and emotive brand. And we have empowered all the brand owners with the tools they need to tell their story to the world - a manifesto, a brand movie, extensive guidelines, templates, recruitment assets and a brand new prospectus.