Bristol WaterIt's what we're made of

The Problem

Since 1846, Bristol Water have been driven by an ambitious purpose to have a positive impact on society and build trust beyond water. In addition to providing safe, clean water to the people of Bristol and it’s surrounding areas, the company is deeply committed to the local community, but it had become apparent that it’s brand did not reflect this vision and ambition, nor communicate the values or ethos of the business. Our objective was simple: to build a new brand that had this inspiring purpose at its heart.

The Solution

We created a new articulation for why Bristol Water exists, expressed through easily accessible benefit statements and extended into a new logo and brand line, ‘It’s what we’re made of’. This was our starting point from which we developed a rich, visual language for the brand, creating a local, real and honest feel. We adopted colours from Bristol landmarks and built the key brand visuals around the work of local artists, forever connecting Bristol Water to the city and the region.

Bristol Water Billboard
Bristol Water Flyers
Bristol Water bottle
Bristol Water Raincoat
Bristol Water Book
Bristok Water Gardening
Bristol Water Illustration
Bristol water van

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