Creating online cut through and emotional engagement in a crowded sector

the challenge

Citroën asked pslondon to develop an online campaign to help prospects work out which Citroën MPV was best for them, and at the same time, bring to life Citroën’s brand promise of “Creative Technologie”.

Citroen’s model line up has always been one of widest in the market and the recent launch of new models created yet more choice. With research showing that over 90% of new car buyers see the internet as the most important place to decide on their new car, having the right online advertising is critical. Previous campaigns had focused on single models and with such a wide, but similar choice of cars on offer, customers were often confused and ended up picking a car from another brand where the choices were fewer, but more distinct. 

our solution

We focused on the 15 different MPVs on offer from Citroen and categorised them in terms of seats, economy, style and more. 

This gave us the idea that we could apply some kind of selection logic where we might be able to ask prospects a few questions about their needs and lifestyle, and then make suggestions accordingly.  We then decided that selecting a “best fit” car should be an enjoyable way and familiar experience.  We considered many different ways to bring to life that selection process, before remembering that classic playground game - the fortune teller – or paku-paku as it should properly be called.

the outcome

The online advert showed the paku-paku flicking through a few choices, enticing customer interaction. 

When clicked, it took customers to a microsite that loaded a fully working paku-paku, and allowed customers to click on each attribute, see what options opened up, go through a few more levels, before recommending a first and second choice “best fit” Citroën MPV. 

The campaign had instant cut through and became Citroen’s all-time best performing online ad, generating more leads than any previous equivalent campaign. By helping customers work out upfront which MPV suited them best, the lead quality and subsequent conversion also improved. 

The MPV campaign broke all records and received very positive feedback from Citroen’s Dealers and industry journalists. The success of this campaign led to additional work to create online ads for further model range launches, this time working closely with the Ad Agency, Euro RSCG. The subsequent campaign, for the C3, was so well received, it was provided to all European Citroen businesses for use in their markets.

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