Alzheimer’s Research UK and Alzheimer’s SocietyDementia Revolution

The Problem

Two leading Alzheimer's charities asked us to bring to life a joint campaign to recruit runners for the 2019 Virgin London Marathon. In addition, we were tasked with raising awareness for the charities as headline cause for the event.

The Solution

The campaign idea was to create the "Dementia Revolution" and position it as a movement created by the masses to bring an end to this cruel disease. We achieved this with graffiti, films, fundraising packs and much more.

The campaign was a great success. Not only did more runners sign up to support the Dementia Revolution than the charity had spaces for, it was a huge success in fundraising terms. To date, the campaign raised over £4m - more than any previous lead charity sponsor had managed. Thank you to everyone that helped.

Dementia Revolution
Dementia Revolution
Dementia Revolution

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