Helping a regional networking organisation build a national brand

the challenge

EBN started as a local business networking group, set up to bring together like-minded businesses to share expertise, experiences and help each other generate new clients.  When the owner decided to expand into the rest of the UK, it was clear that a new brand was needed.

EBN had grown rapidly and had established networking breakfasts in many different locations across the local area.  Each group was run semi-independently, allowing local members to shape the local structures and processes, provided the overall direction set by Head Office was respected.  When the time came to help the brand “grow up” each individual groups needed to feel that they were properly consulted and involved, without that allowing the process to grind to a halt.

our solution

As an active member of one of the groups, our Creative Director was in a great position to see both sides of the story.  

He saw that networking takes so many forms and works differently for everybody, so any new identity needed to be multifaceted, yet easy to engage with. Plus, compared to other networking groups, EBN has an air of informality and accessibility that is appreciated by its members.

the outcome

Working with the Owner, we produced a new brand direction that brought to life the accessible, multifaceted approach of EBN and set a quality standard for everything EBN – and its members – would do.  

Our Creative Director then put his money – actually his shoe leather – where his mouth is and went to visit every group in a four week period to discuss the new branding, get feedback and ensure that everyone was fully engaged with both the process and direction.  Armed with its new identity, EBN is now busy launching groups across the country, bringing more and more businesses together to share their success.

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