What to do when a sector-leading business realises that its brand and marketing have fallen behind new competitors?

the challenge

Environtec is the UK’s leading asbestos consultancy.  Having built the business up over many years, they realised that their brand and their marketing has not developed at the same pace.  New competitors were entering the market and projecting modern, eco-friendly brands.  Environtec needed to fight back.

Asbestos is a poorly understood topic and when it is discovered in a building project, it’s immediately a problem.  It must be dealt with promptly and properly, complying with all the relevant standards.  Time is also of the essence, as every day that a building project is suspended, costs can mount up.  New competitors were projecting a modern, technologically-literate approach to the sector, whereas Environtec were not.

our solution

As with all projects, we started by spending time with the Environtec team and ran a Future Thinking workshop.  

This helped us understand where the business was headed, but also where it is today.  We quickly realised that at the heart of the proposition was ”expertise”.   Environtec’s staff are clearly experts, both the field surveyors and the office and lab staff.  This was further reinforced by that fact that Environtec offers industry training and have trained most of their competitors!

the outcome

We wanted to keep the global element of the old identity and stay within a green palette as that is universal language of environmental products and services.  

The new identity has a sophisticated, dynamic and fresh feel that allows Environtec’s history and expertise shine through, whilst demonstrating that it is innovative and forward-looking as its new competitors.  The brand has now been taken through to a new website, corporate stationery, brochures, event marketing and even vehicles, signage and clothing.

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