First ChoiceCleared for take-off…

The Problem

The First Choice Holidays brand is a well-known and loved choice for UK holiday-goers. The brand had developed organically over the years and had become a little confused and inconsistent. Now part of the TUI family, it was time to give the brand some attention and care.

The Solution

Following an intensive audit of the brand in practice, we analysed all of the elements that come together to make First Choice what it is - a brand with a fun, witty and down-to-earth personality. With some logo improvements, a new font, vibrant and accessible colourways, a defined tone of voice, a clear relationship with its parent brand and a new visual style, we were ready to bring it all together into one cohesive set of guidelines. We then launched the updated brand to their ambassadors, dressed as holiday reps with rather revealing nicknames (a story for another time…).

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