London Clinic

Transforming a brand whilst retaining resonance with its existing audience

the challenge

The London Clinic, the UK’s largest independent hospital briefed us to develop a brand positioning and look & feel that accurately reflected the Clinic today and for the foreseeable future.

As a prestigious but not-for-profit hospital, our biggest challenge was to develop a look & feel that reflected its prestige without being elitist. 

The logo and rod of Asclepius (a staff and snake symbolising medical care) featured on real estate across the Clinic, so the new look & feel needed to incorporate this.

our solution

The guiding principle of the Clinic has always been to deliver exceptional patient care. Looking behind the scenes, it was evident that the people who work there made the patient experience outstanding, yet existing communications focused mainly on equipment and facilities. 

Each patient is assigned a multi-disciplinary team to cater for every aspect of care, and support staff are equally valued for their contribution in providing exceptional service.

The Clinic has real heritage too. Built in the 1930s to the highest medical specifications, the hospital is still in its original building.

the outcome

Taking inspiration from the architecture, the brand is infused with warm, natural colours, clean, elegant lines and a well-proportioned grid for the layout. 

The style of the photography is clean and clear and provides a modern contrast to the architecturally inspired elements. People are its main focal point, as the driving force behind the Clinic. Depth of field is used to focus on staff and patients, rather than on the equipment. 

Wide angled shots show people's interaction with their surroundings, in contrast with close ups to emphasise attention to detail and the personal touch. 

The result is a discreet, understated brand positioning and look & feel, built on truth to reflect the exceptional care patients have come to expect. 

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