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The Problem

Pearson Education is well known within the education sector for offering educational products and services, assessment and professional development at all stages of learning. Once a leader in the apprenticeship market, it had lost market share of its core product, BTEC Apprenticeships, and briefed us to develop a campaign to re-launch it to education providers to help increase sales.

The Solution

Pearson had a broad range of apprenticeship products at eight different levels which were generally as being of high quality. With this, we decided to reposition Pearson as the industry leader. Instead of focusing on the features of Pearson's different products - a task easily handled by the sales advisors - we developed a campaign focusing on the outcomes of a Pearson apprenticeship, regardless of what kind of product it was.

At a time when Pearson's competitors were all focusing their messaging on trying to explain the implications of the new standards, Pearson stood out at the Annual National Apprenticeships Conference by focusing on the benefits their apprenticeships offered providers. And as a result, Pearson achieved their stretch target of quality leads generated.

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