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The Problem

Place2Be is the UK’s leading provider of schools-based mental health services in the UK. In the schools in which they operated, the service was very well received, and they demonstrated great success in engaging children. However, there was a lack of awareness and understanding across most target audiences. Those who had heard of the charity did not understand what Place2Be did, and even many engaged stakeholders had a limited understanding of the range of services on offer. Their visual brand was strongly representative of primary school children, and lacked clarity and flexibility, making it difficult to execute for different target audiences such as secondary schools, mental health professionals and clinicians.

The Solution

We created a new brand identity from the ground up, building on and representing the emotional resonance of a childhood experience. We did this through photography that used childhood objects which can be used to represent different mental health situations metaphorically, as well as showing the positive benefits of Place2Be with a more reportage style. The brand has a bright, vivid colour palette, and the ability to flex for more professional audiences. We also added a strapline to the logo to clearly communicate who Place2Be are and what they stand for.

Place2Be tote
Place2be Flyer
Place2be Jenga
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